Groveland Donates Fire Engine to Montverde


The City of Groveland recently donated one of its reserve firetrucks to the town of Montverde. Groveland Mayor Dina Sweatt handed over the title to the 2000 Pierce Fire Engine to Montverde Mayor Joe Wynkoop.

Groveland’s fire department purchased the engine in 2014 from the Lake County Fire Department for considerations valued at about $12,00. The purpose of the used engine was to have a backup should the city’s main engine be out of service. Recently, the City of Groveland purchased a new engine, which allowed the City to have a newer reserve unit, leaving an extra for donation.

The Town of Montverde had borrowed the reserve truck in the past, said Groveland Fire Chief Willie Morgan, so the City was happy to be a good neighbor and donate the engine, which Montverde will now use as a permanent backup.

“Since we now have two older engines in reserve, the truck will be more valuable to Montverde than it will be to us,” Morgan said.