It’s a Crazy Game with Big-Time Prizes and Its Probably NOT What You’d Expect – Great CenFlo Race


The Great CenFlo Race is coming October 12-13, 2019, but what is it exactly? Definitely not what you might be thinking. It’s not a walk/run/5k style race. It’s closer to the idea of the Amazing Race TV show, but local … let me explain.

Everyone will begin at Sky Zone in Clermont, FL where teams will do their 1st physical challenge. Once this challenge is complete, or your challenge’s time limit has expired, you are given your next challenge location and task. Your team will need to drive to the next location, complete the challenge and keep moving forward. The 1st team to complete all challenges and get to the finish line wins the $5,000 Grand Prize!

There are several other really great prizes available including:
Chick-Fil-a for a Year for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams
Sky Zone Birthday Party
Mathnasium Scholarship
Flying Lessons
Taekwondo Lessons

Anyone in the Central Florida Area can play!


What kind of challenges are there, you might ask? The Great CenFlo Race tests players in many ways, including both physically, mentally, and your ability to work as a team. Below are this October’s list of challenges:

Physical Challenges Include:

Sky Zone Clermont: Players will complete the Skyzone Ninja Warrior Challenge including- the ninja warrior course, rock climbing, warped wall, and more. ***The player who completes it the best will win a Skyzone birthday party.

Royal Empire Equestrian: Players will partake in horseback riding and a scavenger hunt.

World Class Taekwondo: Players will learn and perform a basic taekwondo sequences. ***Players will have the opportunity to win 3 months of taekwondo classes.

Mental Challenges Include:

Marion Baysinger Library: Players will participate in a word jumble/scavenger hunt challenge.

Boston Coffee House: Players will play a matching game with coffee and coffee beans.

Quicksell Auto: Players will partake in a “needle-in-haystack” type challenge by finding the vehicle that matches the given VIN number.

Mathnasium Clermont: Players will be tested on their math skills on an 5th-8th grade level. ***One team will be awarded a scholarship for their child based on their performance on the assessment.

Citrus Tower: Players will complete a trivia based challenge.

Lake County Rowing Association: Players will be building a small raft that can float a weight for an allotted amount of time.

A1 Aluminum: Players will be performing a screen replacement on a pool enclosure.

Lion Heart Floors: Players will be completing a flooring based puzzle challenge.

Other Challenges Include:

Paradise Air Sports: Players will participate in a bean-bag drop from several hundred feet in the air.

Chick-fil-a: Players will participate in an eating challenge.

Happy Troll Games: Players will partake in a painting challenge.

Stormy-Hill Harley Davidson: Players will get to experience the feeling of riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with the Harley-Davidson motorcycle simulator.

Welcome Back Shirt Shack: Players will get to screen print their own t-shirts.

Citrus Tower Arcade: Players will play and complete levels of old-school/retro arcade games.

Hot Air Balloons: Players will get to ride in a hot air balloon and participate in an ultimate egg toss challenge.


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