JAN 10 – You Are There: The 1940’s – The Future Arrives


You Are There growing up in the 40’s remembered by kids named Mickey Mantle, Dick Gregory, Rita Moreno, Neil Simon, Tom Brokaw, and Ben Bradlee — wondering who might be drafted if we went to war, told to Charlie first-hand.


You Are There when Pearl Harbor unites a divided U.S.A. You Are There when we see the Atomic Bomb devastate Japan and listen in on the debate about the Bomb. You Are There as we watch Jackie and Rachel Robinson make history and pay tribute to Bob Hope’s U.S.O. Shows and the television debut of Milton Berle.

When: Thursday, January 10, 2019


Time: 2 PM-4 PM

Venue: Clermont Performing Arts Center at 3700 S US-27, Clermont, Florida 34711

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