Local Package Thief Arrested [VIDEO]


On Friday, November 30, 2018, a local Lake County resident reported to social media that her package had been stolen from her front porch. She wasn’t too worried about the package itself but wanted the thief caught. She posted the photo below and the ring.com video displayed above.

The video and photo were shared many times leading to the man’s arrest.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office released the following along with Moreno-Marquez’s arrest photo.


“Delta Shift deputies just arrested Carlos Aldolfo Moreno-Marquez (34) of Clermont for package thefts in the Clermont area. Moreno-Marquez was identified due to an amazing 8 yr old who called her Dad. Dad got the tag from the car as the thefts were occurring. After being read Miranda, Moreno-Marquez admitted to 3 different package theft cases. Great job by the community and deputies!”

The best part of the story is that the nice lady got her package back. Fitting that it was a big box of toilet paper to be the item that caught this “turd” of a person.