Man Arrested on Felony Charges of Impersonating a Police Officer


On Monday, November 12th, 2018 at approximately 2:50 p.m. Officers responded to a vehicle crash near Wal-mart on Johns Lake Rd in Clermont, FL. Upon arriving, officers made contact with a male identified by his Florida drivers license as Muhdi Hack. Mr. Hack was standing next to his vehicle waiting for officers to arrive. After making contact with Mr. Hack, officers then made contact with the other driver involved in the crash, a woman later identified by her Florida drivers license. We will refer to her as the victim.

Mr. Hack claimed that after the crash occurred, the victim exited her vehicle and began walking toward Mr. Hack who was sitting in his vehicle. Mr. Hack exited his vehicle and began speaking with the victim. Mr. Hack stated the victim was very upset and cursing at him.

While speaking with the victim, she told officers that Mr. Hack repeatedly accused her of being a “scammer” saying he never touched her vehicle. Then Mr. Hack pulled out his wallet and opened it up revealing a badge. The victim believed this to be a badge of a police officer and the victim also stated Mr. Hack told her he was a “cop” and said that is how he knew she was a scammer. The victim asked to see his badge again and he refused. Mr. Hack became argumentative with the victim and she did not know why a police officer would act that way. It was at this time the victim stepped away and called police. The victim stated she believed Mr. Hack was, in fact, a police officer.


Officers stated that while speaking with Mr. Hack the first time and obtaining his identification, “I did see a small gold in color badge in his wallet when he opened it to obtain his driver’s license. During that quick glance, it did appear to be a police badge.”

Backup officers arrived on scene and took Mr. Hack into custody and read him his Miranda rights. Mr. Hack decided to waive his rights and speak with officers on scene.

Officers spoke again with Mr. Hack. Mr. Hack stated he did show the badge in his wallet to the victim but did not say he was an officer. Mr. Hack said he told the victim he had friends that were “cops.” Then asked Mr. Hack what he was trying to accomplish by showing the victim his badge and he stated the victim was acting crazy and he was scared.