Autism and Special Needs Family Fun Day

Kandi Alexander, a mother of special needs child in the community, Cameron Gomes, Central Florida Dreamplex Center General Manager, and Gloria Gelin of Gloria James Event Rentals along with many others within the community have worked for about a year on organizing an Autism/Special Needs Day on May 18, 2019 from 11am to 3pm at the Central Florida Dreamplex Center in Clermont, Florida 34711. The idea generated with Kandi Alexander who five years ago wanted to bring resources from the different areas within South Lake and surrounding areas to one place, so, that families who have special needs children could get information on the different resources and organizations out there that can assist with the families’ special needs child. There are many families who have a special needs child and do not know where to go to get some of the services they need for their child. Some of the families who have a special needs child don’t know what kind of services they may need to have their child excel at their potential abilities.
Kandi Alexander wanted to start a day where families can come out to and get that information and have fun with their children. She has worked hard and tireless to make sure everything and anything at this event does not cost a thing for the families. The thought behind the free concept for the families is so the families can attend an event where they do not have to worry about buying anything for their children and get the information they need along the way. Kandi realized quickly she needed to get others on board to help her organize and host this event. That is when she asked XXXX at the Dreamplex to help her host it at the center as many families with Special Needs children to attend for therapies and other services the Dreamplex offers. Kandi also asked Gloria Gelin with Gloria James Event Rentals to step to help her organized the entertainment part of the event so that again the children can have a great time at the event while the parents get the information they need.
There will so many different organizations there from volunteering at the event to providing information about the services they offer for Special Needs Individuals. It is not only about Autism, but all the different special needs categories a child/person may have from Autism to ADHD to Developmental Delay to Language Impairment to Speech Impairment to Health Disorders to many others that children may have and many individuals have more than one diagnosis. Several organizations that will be there will include state and local agencies. Non-profits and community businesses.  There will be over 90 resource tables set up throughout the event in support of the special needs families in our community. Some of the organizations that will be there are:
Amazon who will be bringing a group of volunteers to assist throughout the day
Tiaras of Hope who will be giving out Tiaras to first 150 little girls who attend the event
Plaster Cottage who will have a little craft for the children who attend to paint
Miracle League of South Lake
Clermont Fire Department
Autism Dads of Greater Orlando
Gloria James Event Rentals who will be providing popcorn, cotton candy, bounce house, and game
Girl Scouts of Citrus Council
Boy Scouts of America
Chik Fil A Clermont providing food Samples
Graffiti Junktion providing food Samples
Sweet N Sassy Cakes providing food samples
along with many other organizations and businesses
It is an event that many families will want to attend for great information and fun.