Chairman Leslie Campione’s Statement Regarding FEMA Funding for Hurricane Irma


“I am pleased to announce that after a trip this week to meet with federal lawmakers and key agency staff members in Washington, all indications are that the bulk of the $7.8 million in funding owed to Lake County from Hurricane Irma recovery are likely to be received by the end of August.


The timing of receiving the funding is critical as the County prepares its fiscal year 2020 budget. We are committed to holding the line on taxes while funding high priority needs and projects, as well as replenishing our reserves, which were severely depleted during Hurricane Irma. Strengthening our reserves will allow us to be better prepared for future emergencies.

When Hurricane Irma swept through Lake County in September 2017, the County spent approximately $10 million on hurricane recovery. Storm damage reached an estimated $41 million, with more than 3,200 structures affected. Our County opened 14 shelters and housed more than 5,000 people and pets, including hundreds of families who evacuated from storm-ravaged South Florida counties.


I would like to express my appreciation to Senator Rick Scott, Senator Marco Rubio, Congressman Daniel Webster, Congressman Michael Waltz, and Congressman Ross Spano for their hard work and dedication in securing our funding.

During this trip, Lake County also had the opportunity to discuss potential federal partnerships on several additional high priorities, including a homeless shelter, transportation funding, and grants to support public safety initiatives.

I would like to extend sincerest thanks to FEMA, the Florida Division of Emergency Management, the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the Economic Development Administration for their time, consideration and support of initiatives relating directly to the immediate and future needs of Lake County residents.”  – Leslie Campione, Commission Chairman.