Clermont Fire Department Holds Badge Pinning and Promotional Ceremony


The Clermont Fire Department recently recognized some of its own Clermont Champions.


The department held a Badge Pinning and Promotional Ceremony on April 24 to honor those over a 12-month period who were hired in the positions of fire captain and plans examiner, appointed fire and life safety educator and promoted after a competitive process in the ranks of assistant chief, fire marshal, lieutenant, and engineer. 

“We welcome the new hires to the City of Clermont and we applaud those who have climbed the ranks,” Clermont City Manager Darren Gray said. “Our fire department is top-notch because of these exceptional Clermont Champions dedicated to saving lives day in and day out.”


Pictured from left to right, Engineer John Savelli, Engineer Jacob Greenwell, Lt. Jimmy Pacheco, Lieutenant Bruce Wisniewski, Engineer Blake McCorkle, Fire Marshal Jennifer Pierce, Fire Plans Examiner Frank Patterson, Fire and Life Safety Educator Sarah Jones, Engineer Jorge Pallisso, Fire Capt. Lindsay Judah, Engineer David Barragan, Lieutenant Luke Brear, Lieutenant Wayne Nichols, Engineer Billy Whitaker, Engineer Jeff Brimmer, and Assistant Chief Bill Harrison were joined by family, friends and city members.

“I couldn’t be more proud of these team members who have worked and studied so hard to achieve their goals and at the same time make them the next leaders of this great department,” Clermont Fire Chief Carle Bishop said.

The Clermont Fire Department provides exceptional services to Clermont as an internationally accredited civilian department, one of only 179 in the world to earn this distinction.