Clermont Physician Tapped to Speak at Georgia Society of Interventional Pain Physicians Conference


Dr. Julio Paez, M.D. of South Lake Pain Institute has been tapped to share his expertise and knowledge of regenerative therapies, which include the use of a patient’s own stem cells to treat pain at the Georgia Society of Interventional Pain Physicians Conference. The 15th annual conference, July 11-14th attracts physicians from across the southeast United States.


Dr. Paez shared, “physicians are at the center of influencing healthcare experiences. The conference represents a passionate and committed group of physician leaders excited to come together to share their ideas and find solutions that will influence the lived experience of their patients. I am are honored to help influence the ongoing conversation on regenerative therapies and shape the direction of the patient experience movement.”

Drs. Paez and Saranita of South Lake Pain Institute have been at the forefront of advancing medicine and the growing movement toward utilizing the body’s own processes to assist in healing and relieving pain. In addition to traditional pain treatment methods like blocks and injections, South Lake Pain Institute is proud to offer regenerative medicine therapy, which involves removing healthy adult stem cells from the patient and injecting them at the site of pain to induce the body’s natural healing properties. The results can be life changing.