Clermont Police Build Community Relations ‘One Cup of Coffee at a Time’


Clermont police continue to build community relations one cup of coffee at a time.

To commemorate the 4th Annual National Coffee with a Cop Day, the Clermont Police Department will host from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Oct. 2, at McDonald’s, located at 2640 E. Hwy. 50.  In accordance with Coffee with a Cop tradition, this Coffee with a Cop comes on Oct. 2, the day after National Night Out.

Coffee with a Cop is a nationwide program that reinforces good relations between the community and its local law enforcement agency. The Clermont Police Department invites the community out to strengthen this cause.

The public will get to talk with our local Clermont police officers and ask questions, voice their concerns and get to know the officers in their neighborhoods.


“We are really excited to sit down and just chat with our Clermont citizens,” Chief Charles Broadway said. “This partnership will help create an atmosphere that facilitates communication by breaking down the traditional barriers that so often exist between police officers and the citizens who they serve.”

Coffee with a Cop allows citizens to meet police officers in a relaxed, neutral atmosphere with no speeches, no agenda and no preset subjects. It allows them to spend time one-on-one with an officer who works in the community where they live and discuss whatever concerns are important to them. The conversation is intimate and personal, equally important to the citizen and officer.

Coffee with a Cop provides a “face” for both the officer and the citizen to get to know each other and form a working trust by understanding the mutual goals that they both have to build a better community. This will be a “distraction-free” time with an officer, no pending radio calls or cell phones going off.

Simply drop by and say hello. The Clermont Police Department looks forward to meeting you.