Convicted Felon with Loaded Firearm Tries to Run but Doesn’t Get Very Far


On the morning of Dec. 28 Officers Martin and Wray with our Alpha Shift conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle within the area of Hartwood Mash Road and U.S. Highway 27.


The driver, later identified as Brett Anthony Isom, became very argumentative with officers by refusing to provide identification and stated, “I know my rights.” After being given numerous opportunities to fulfill the officers’ request and continuing to refuse to provide his identification as the driver, he was then asked to exit the vehicle. 


Once he exited the vehicle, Brett Isom made the choice to run from our officer’s. After approximately 1 minute Officers Martin and Wray caught up with Brett Isom and attempted to take him into custody. Brett Isom decided to continue to resist while being taken into custody. Well, some of the reasons Brett Isom decided to run: he’s a habitual traffic offender with no valid driver’s license. He is also a convicted felon who had a loaded firearm inside the vehicle.

After getting some new charges, his bond has been revoked, which means he gets to spend New Year’s 2019 in Lake County Jail. Great job, Officers Martin and Wray for your dedication to keeping our community safe.