Groveland Man Arrested for Impersonating a Police Officer and Carjacking


Ronald Perrier was parked in an empty lot on Skipper LN & Empire Church Rd when he heard a knock on the driver side window of his vehicle and heard a man (Campos) yelling at him to get out of his vehicle and that he was an off-duty police officer.


Mr. Perrier asked him for his name and badge number numerous times and the man kept yelling at him telling him to get out of the vehicle. Scared for his life, Mr. Perrier turned off his vehicle and stepped out.

Campos started walking back to his vehicle and telling Mr. Perrier to stand in front of his vehicle in the light. He kept asking Mr. Perrier for his name and kept asking him if he had any weapons in the vehicle.


Mr. Perrier said Campos started to get angry with him and told him to lay face down on the ground a few feet away from his vehicle. He stated Campos placed his knee on his back and grabbed his arm and bent his arm back so he couldn’t move.

It should be noted in the area where Mr. Perrier was on the ground there was a rope with a slip knot.

Mr. Perrier stated Campos kept asking where his car keys were. He told him that he left the keys on the front driver side seat. Campos told him not to move and to keep his face in the dirt. Mr. Perrier said he remembers the subject being a bald white male wearing cargo shorts, and wearing tan boots.

The next thing he heard was his vehicle leaving the scene.

Turns out that the car that the man arrived in was stolen out of Orange County

Later, LSCO Deputies notice the vehicle that was involved in the carjacking and attempt to make a stop. The man fled and ended up crashing into a tree. He tried to run but was quickly taken down by LSCO Deputies.

While searching the (Arrestee) Brandon Campos he found the victim of the carjacking credit card in his front jacket pocket. Deputies also recovered the victims stolen Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun fully loaded that was in the truck.

There also was an empty Glock gun box with two magazines and a box of ammunition in the black bag which was in his possession.

Mr. Campos was charged with:

  • possession firearm and ammunition by felon
  • one count of Car Jacking
  • one count of impersonating a Law Officer during the commission of felony
  • one count Grand Theft Auto
  • Felony Fleeing and Elude
  • Resisting
  • one count DWLS with knowledge and a prior conviction for the multiple suspensions and conviction

Mr. Campos has prior charges of carjacking, failure to appear for court, prior possession of a weapon by ·felon, and many other felony charges to include Violation of probation.

Based on this his bond for the carjacking was increased to allow time for the case to be reviewed by the Prosecutor for the Fifth Judicial Circuit.