I’ll Have a Big-Mac, Large Fries and a DUI


On December 11, 2018, Deputy Sheriff Perez responded to a Clermont McDonald’s in reference to an argument at the 2nd drive-through window.

“Upon my arrival, I met with management who stated that there was a female at the 2nd drive-through window screaming and cursing at the employee’s and being very aggressive.”

“I then drove my marked patrol vehicle around the McDonald’s and noticed a black Mercedes with a specialty tag bearing 15SAM sitting at the 2nd drive-through window. I exited my patrol vehicle and walked up to the passenger side, and noticed Taylor Lea Domkoski arguing with the McDonald’s employee.”

“I tapped on the passenger window and Ms. Domkoski fumbled with the window button on the driver side door. Ms. Domkoski rolled the window down and I noticed a strong odor of alcohol. I asked her for her driver license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration. I also noticed that she kept the vehicle in gear and she seemed confused. At this point, I advised Ms. Domkoski to place the vehicle in park and to turn the vehicle off.”


“At first Ms. Domkoski could not find her license and seemed lost looking for her purse which was sitting in the passenger seat. After she found her purse, I noticed she could not keep anything in her fingers, as she had no control of her hands. Ms. Domkoski, after some trouble, handed me her license, however she was unable to provide any of the correct paperwork for the vehicle she was driving.”

“I then asked her if she had had anything to drink tonight and she informed me that she had had a few drinks at the local bar and admitted that she knew she should not have been behind the wheel.“

“I informed Ms. Domkoski that due to the strong smell of alcohol, her slurred speech, and lack of motor skills, I suspected her of driving under the influence. I then advised Ms. Domkoski to get out of the vehicle and walk towards the front of my patrol car.”

“When she got out of her vehicle she started to stumble and sway from side to side. At one point Deputy Morris and I had to grab her to prevent her from hurting herself by falling forward.”

“I asked Ms. Domkoski if she would be willing to take a Roadside Field Sobriety Test, but she immediately refused.”

“It should be noted while searching her purse a pill bottle with the sticker scratched off was located in an inside pocket. After opening the pill bottle I noticed green bar pills with S 90 3 stamped on them, which I later determined to be XANAX. Ms. Domkoski informed me that she had been prescribed XANAX but was not able to provide Deputies with a prescription.”

“Ms. Domoski was placed into custody at Lake County Jail; on the way to the Lake County Jail Ms. Domkoski continued cursing and saying off the wall stories about how many kids I had without knowing anything about it. My Lake County Patrol vehicle in-car video recorder was on for the entire duration of the arrest.“