Lake County to Begin Road Resurfacing Projects


This week, Lake County will begin re-paving 92 miles of deteriorating roads as part of a multi-phase project to be completed over two years.

The Board of County Commissioners in 2019 allocated $10 million in sales tax revenue to repave 63 miles of roads in the poorest condition, as well as approximately 28 miles of roads that, while in slightly better condition, are also in need of repaving.

Priority will be given to roads that have declined to a five or lower on the Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) scale. The PASER scale rates roadways from 1-10, with 10 being newly constructed or resurfaced roads in perfect condition and 1 being roads with extensive loss of surface integrity.

 “With the County’s transportation network continuing to age, this project will help us address the most urgent needs in an efficient and fiscally responsible way,” said Lake County Manager Jeff Cole.


Residents will be notified of road closures via roadway message boards, press releases and County social media channels as the project progresses. Please visit for more information and a map of the Phase I Resurfacing project.