LakeXpress Introduces Mobile Ticketing App [VIDEO]


Lake County Transit is offering a new service to allow riders to purchase fares via a mobile phone app. As part of Lake County’s commitment to providing a better customer experience, the new service will give customers a cashless fare payment choice along with allowing riders to purchase and activate LakeXpress passes before boarding, using their smartphones.


This simple system for mobile payments will increase accessibility for the estimated 75 percent of LakeXpress customers who own a smartphone. LakeXpress hopes to attract and engage with new customers who might not ordinarily choose public transit as a means of mobility.

“We believe the app provides another great option for cashless travel on LakeXpress, and it will seamlessly integrate into the lifestyle of current and potential new customers,” said Jill Brown, Transit Operations Supervisor.


LakeXpress operates from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. Fares for LakeXpress are $1 for all trips. Half-fares are available for riders 60 years or older, veterans and individuals with disabilities (buses are equipped with lifts). Free fares are available for students with a valid school photo ID and children younger than 5 who are accompanied by a fare-paying chaperone.

A link to the app is available on For more information about LakeXpress, call 352-742-1940 or visit