LakeXpress Introducing Branded Advertising on Buses


Lake County’s Office of Transit Services will roll out a new look this week on its LakeXpress bus fleet. The new colorful advertising featured on the buses will provide an additional revenue stream that will assist in directly funding transit services in Lake County.


Lake County entered into an agreement with Vector Media Holding Corporation for bus advertising services in September. To date, Vector Media has secured three advertising contracts and the exterior advertising on all LakeXpress buses has been sold. Interior advertising will also be available.

“We are excited to move forward with this project. The buses look amazing and this will bring a new revenue source to the transit program,” said Jill Brown, Director of Transit Services.


During the initial rollout customers and residents can expect to see advertising for companies including Humana, Orlando Health and Vitas.

Moving forward the county’s paratransit vans will also feature advertising on its fleet, to include advertising space to promote various County programs, at no additional cost. For more information about LakeXpress, call 352-742-1940 or visit .