Leesburg Mail Thieves Caught in the Act


On 12-23-2018 Lake County Sheriffs Deputies received a call from a person stating that he witnessed 2 females in a white passenger vehicle going through his mailbox. He thought this was odd and continued to follow vehicle around the block. At this time the caller advised he again witnessed the white vehicle stop in front of another mailbox and rummage through it. While on the phone with the communication center he witnessed the vehicle go down a dead-end road in which he blocked the exit and waited for the police to arrive.


Hope Dunbar
Hope Dunbar
Chloe Kristovich
Chloe Kristovich


The following was taken from the police affidavit and is written from the perspective of the officer on scene. Personal information of victims have been removed for privacy purposes.


“At this time I arrived on scene and located the white vehicle in the backyard of the scene and observed a black female walking around the vehicle while talking on the phone. I identified that female as Hope Dunbar who informed me that her friend’s car had broken down and they pushed it to this location so it wouldn’t get towed.”

“I then observed the second female walking on the other side of a fence towards the vehicle who identified herself as Chloe Kristovich. She advised that she was the registered owner of the white vehicle. She went on to say that she was having car problems and parked for a moment to address them.”

“At this time both women were read their Miranda rights in which they advised they understood and still wished to talk to me.”

“I asked both females what they were doing in the area in which Chloe advised that she was returning to her aunt’s house off of Cherokee St. to retrieve mail of hers. She told me that she may have looked in the wrong mailbox but never removed any items.”

“At this time I asked for consent to search the vehicle in which she consented. While in the vehicle Chloe removed several rolled cigars in which she identified as roaches. I asked her if there were any other illegal items in the vehicle in which she said no.”

“I asked Chloe to open the trunk, however, this time she hesitated. I repeated myself and she stated that there was mail inside. As she opened the trunk I observed a large amount of opened mail envelopes inside. The envelopes had multiple addresses ranging from Fruitland Park and Lady Lake back to Sunny Side Dr., Leesburg.”

“At this time both Chloe and Hope were detained. As I searched Chloe’s purse I observed a small gold pill holder inside that contained several white pills that I identified to be a combination of Tramadol and Trazodone which Chloe did not have a prescription for.”

“While searching the area where I observed Hope initially I located a small plastic baggy on the ground containing a green leafy substance that I identified as Marijuana.”

“After detaining both women, the homeowners arrived on scene. The victim peaked inside the trunk and observed a Christmas Card addressed to her. She then checked her surveillance video in which she observed Hope Dunbar driving the white passenger vehicle. Hope was seen pulling up to the mailbox where Chloe Kristovich can be seen getting out of the vehicle and removing the victim’s mail.”

“Understanding she had been caught, Chloe advised that she and Hope had been driving around for over 30 min and stealing mail. She went on to say that her friend, gave them the idea and that she borrowed the vehicle yesterday and stole most of the mail found in the trunk.”

“Both females were taken into custody and transported to Lake County jail without incident. The vehicle was sealed and towed to the Lake County Sheriffs Office Shop for further processing. The postmaster was notified and advised he will be in contact with the criminal investigation bureau.”