Man Arrested for DUI in Clermont – Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over


The following is told from the perspective of the responding officer. All information is from the corresponding police affidavit.


Mohamed Kamal
Mohamed Kamal

“On Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 at approximately 12:30 a.m. while en route to back another officer on a call for service, I observed a silver in color Subaru 2 door traveling east on State Road 50 near Bloxam Avenue with no headlights on.”

“The vehicle came to rest at a red light, where I attempted to flag the driver down to get him to tum his lights on.”


“The driver, despite numerous attempts, appeared dazed and unaware of my flashing lights, siren, and yelling to him both with my window down directly next to him, as well as on my PA system. Upon the light turning green, the driver proceeded through the intersection, despite me pulling in front of him in an attempt to gain his attention. I then reactivated my emergency lights signaling for him to pull over.”

“The driver of the vehicle later identified as Mohamed Kamal struck the center median curb with both his driver’s side front and rear tires. Mohamed then continued straight at a slow speed. He disregarded my lights for approximately an eighth of a mile until I activated my siren. I then remained behind Mohamed with lights and siren active for approximately another eighth of a mile at a slow speed until he ultimately pulled over to the right side of the road.”

“On my initial approach, I asked if he knew why I pulled him over. He stated yes but was unable to tell me.why. I explained that he had no lights on and he seemed unaware, citing that he has daytime running lights. Upon request, he fumbled to get his wallet from his pocket and produce ID. He struggled to pull his ID from the wallet sleeve but was able to give it to me eventually.”

“Mohamed had glassy, bloodshot, and watery eyes while I spoke with him. I detected the odor of alcoholic beverages also emitting from his breath despite chewing gum. As I spoke with him, I noticed his speech was also slurred.”

“When I returned to my patrol car to issue a citation for the headlight violation, Mohamed lit a cigarette. Backup arrived and I requested Mohamed exit the vehicle. Mohamed utilized both feet and fumbled for the door handle. He struggled to find the door release to open the door. As he stood, he also did not realize his jacket was stuck on the seat and almost lost his balance when a string caught the seat. He also appeared unsteady in his stance and was not well balanced.”

“I requested that Mohamed submit to Standardized Field Sobriety Exercises, to which he agreed. Mohamed advised that he would like his cane from his car, which I obtained for him. Mohamed utilized his cane throughout the exercises. ”

“I moved my patrol car to the side of the road where there was a level surface of blacktop to conduct exercises. Due to Mohamed’s claim of injury, I conducted a few additional exercises separate to the SFSE’s.”

“Based on his performance on the exercises, I determined that he was under the influence and unable to safely operate a motor vehicle; Mohamed was subsequently placed under arrest for the aforementioned charge and transported to Lake County Jail without incident.”

“Once at the jail, Ofc. Calhoun #AS of the Astatula Police Department arrived to administer the breath test. Mohamed was reluctant to provide a breath sample at first. I advised him of implied consent, at which time he changed his mind and chose to provide a sample of his breath.”

“Mohamed provided two samples. His first sample registered at .218 and his second at .215. Mohamed was then read his Miranda Warning off an agency issued Miranda card. He advised he wished to speak with me. He admitted to still feeling the effects of alcohol and to drinking earlier in the day.”

“Mohamed was issued a civil citation for driving without headlights at night and a criminal DUI citation. Mohamed signed his DUI citation acknowledging his receipt of it.”

“Nothing further to report at this time.”