Man Arrested for Meth and Attempted Vehicle Burglary


The following is told from the perspective of the responding officer. All information is from the corresponding police affidavit.


On 3/1/19, I responded to a residence in reference to a suspicious person attempting to break into a person’s vehicle.


While en-route, dispatched advised that the subject was described a Hispanic male, late 30’s, bald head wearing red shorts and a grey tank top. As I got into the area of Osceola St. and 3rd St. I observed a male matching the description walking westbound on Osceola St. As i approached the potential suspect, he started to walk towards 265 Osceola St. in a fast pace. Due to the male matching the description I stopped out with the suspect, who was later identified via FL ID Card as Edwin Rosario. Edwin walked toward me in fast pace.

I then asked Edwin what was going on, in which he stated “he was sorry, he was lost at the wrong house” spontaneously. Edwin was talking fast and sweating profusely, which he seemed like he was on some type of drugs. Due to Edwin being a suspect of a possible vehicle burglary and his demeanor, I detained Edwin for the time being. I patted him down for weapons which yielded negative results. I asked if he had ID with him, in which he stated “yes, it’s in my wallet in my sock.” I asked Edwin if I was able to retrieve the wallet to get his ID, in which he granted me permission. While I looked through his wallet, I observed a small clear baggy containing small crystal like substance. Due to my training and experience, I suspected the substance to be crystal meth. I then put Edwin in the back of my marked patrol car (2228). I read Edwin his Miranda Rights in which he stated he understood and agreed to speak with me.

I asked Edwin if he attempted to break into a car recently, Edwin began to explain that he smoked a small “blunt” and next thing he knew, he was at some lady’s vehicle. Edwin stated he apologized and left the area. He stated he was at the wrong address and he somehow “blacked out.” I then asked Edwin what was in the clear plastic baggy that I located in his wallet. Edwin stated he had no idea and that he recently bought that wallet from a guy named “Troy.” I asked if he knew what type of drugs “Troy” liked to use, which he stated “Methamphetamine.”

Ofc. Wegner made contact with the complainant/victim at her residence. The victim stated that she came to the stop sign at 3rd St and Minneola Ave where she observed a male (Edwin) attempting to get into her parked car in her driveway. The victim stated it appeared that Edwin pulled on the door/window. The victim then drove to her neighbor’s residence and that’s when Edwin began to walk away. The victim asked Edwin if they could help him, which he stated “he was very lost and looking for 190 West.” The victim stated he was trying really hard to open the door window and door frame.

Ofc. Wegner observed and took photographs of the vehicle. It should also be noted that on right above the passenger side window, there was a smudge where Edwin had been pulling/pushing the window.

The victim was put into Ofc Wegner’s marked patrol vehicle (2205) and was transported to my area where I had Edwin for a show up. Ofc. Deaton removed Edwin from my vehicle and placed him in the driveway of 265 Osceola St for a clear view. The victim positively identified Edwin as the subject that was attempting to gain access to her vehicle. The victim provided a sworn written statement with the intent to prosecute. Edwin was placed under arrest for Vehicle Burglary (Attempted) and Possession of Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine).

I then field tested the crystal like substance which yielded positive for Methamphetamine. Photographs of the crystal meth was taken and placed into evidence as well with the Methamphetamine.

I transported Edwin to the Lake County Jail without incident.

No further information at this time.