May 14 – You Are There, Too: Backstage at the White House


The Clermont Performing Arts Center is proud to announce our popular, signature matinee series, “You Are There, Too!” hosted by Emmy and Peabody Award-winner Charlie Grinker, is returning for a second season with eight, all new specials.

“Backstage at The White House” is history from the inside out, a rare and intimate look at our presidents and their families.

This program is a delight for history buffs and others who just enjoy fascinating tales. See the first home movies of a First Family – President Teddy Roosevelt and his clan at Sagamore Hill, their rustic residence in Oyster Bay, New York. Catch President Woodrow Wilson‘s flock of sheep “mowing” the White House lawn. At Hyde Park, New York, we meet Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt as they entertain England’s King George and Queen Elizabeth with a luncheon of hot dogs –as requested by the queen.

There are more backstage moments with Ike and Mamie Eisenhower, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, the Kennedy family, the Carters, the Bush families and the Obamas, as we enter the 21st century.


Don’t miss the season finale of “You Are There, Too!” with host Charlie Grinker who created five television specials at the White House.