Officers Find Sleeping Man Behind Wheel-DUI Report


On September 23, 2019, at approximately 3:21 a.m., officers were dispatched in reference to a vehicle stopped on the wrong side of the road. According to the complainant, they had observed the driver asleep behind the wheel.


Upon arrival, the responding officer observed the vehicle stopped on the wrong side of the road on Citrus Tower Blvd, facing S US 27. The vehicle was still running, and the gear shift still in drive while the defendant–Quadir King-Holder–was in the driver seat with his eyes closed and unresponsive. The officers attempted to wake him by calling out to him loudly, however, Quadir continued to be unresponsive. Officers then attempted to wake him by banging on the driver window. After several attempts, Quadir opened his eyes, looked at the officers through the window, and closed his eyes again.

The officer continued to bang on the window and Quadir opened his eyes before letting his foot off the brake, causing his vehicle to roll into the front of the Deputy’s vehicle–who was parked in front of Quadir’s vehicle which prevented him from going through the intersection.


Again, Quadir appeared to be unaware of his surroundings and ignored both verbal commands to exit his vehicle and the banging on his window from the officers. Quadir finally opened his vehicle door and the officers placed him into handcuffs. One of the officers on scene observed that he had watery and bloodshot eyes as well as a distinct smell of alcohol. Because of this, officers escorted Quadir into the nearby RaceTrac parking lot to conduct Field Sobriety Exercises to which Quadir agreed to. He could not successfully perform the exercises administered.

Quadir was then placed under arrest for DUI.

Officers took inventory of the vehicle and found an opened container of Crown Royal Apple in the passenger side floorboard and a grocery bag containing 3.3 grams of marijuana.

Quadir was then transferred to the Clermont Police Department where he provided a breath sample before being transported and turned over to the Lake County Main Jail.