September is National Pain Awareness Month


It affects more Americans than diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease combined. It can result in extremely long and costly hospital stays and a decreased ability in daily functioning.


Acute and chronic pain is a sad fact of life for almost one-third of the population. With September designated as “National Pain Awareness Month”, the health care team at South Lake Pain Institute hopes to grow awareness through education.

“About 100 million people in the United States suffer from chronic pain- that’s 1 in 3, more than stroke, heart disease or cancer combined. For those living with persistent pain conditions they often feel isolated as others cannot comprehend the impact pain has on every aspect of life. We know pain prevent people from enjoying a full life as work, family and social life is impacted” states Dr. Julio, Paez, M.D.


“We talk a lot about health in the United States, but we don’t talk much about chronic pain. As Americans continue to age, pain and pain management are becoming even bigger facts of life as bodies begin to show the wear and tear of decades of use,” adds Dr. Julie Saranita, D.O.

Throughout the month of September, South Lake Pain Institute will be promoting awareness and education by discussing chronic pain with healthcare professionals and community members. The community can participate by following South Lake Pain Institute on Facebook to engage in important discussions, ask questions and share in promoting awareness to chronic pain.

About South Lake Pain Institute

South Lake Pain Institute is Central Florida’s leading pain management physicians’ group with offices in Clermont and Orlando. A specialized medical practice dedicated to providing comprehensive care by utilizing medical, complementary and regenerative therapies that best alleviate each patient’s pain.

South Lake Pain Institute physicians are Board Certified in pain management and anesthesiology. We are passionate to assist every patient lead active and pain-free lives. Our goal is to restore quality of life through treatments that address the specific needs of each patient.

The healthcare professionals at South Lake Pain Institute are experienced providers of interventional techniques including nerve blocks, joint injections, spinal cord stimulator, vertebroplasty, intrathecal pump and many others. They are also at the leading edge of regenerative medicine, which uses the body’s own ability to heal and relieve pain.

South Lake Pain Institute has a research division conducting multiple trials per year and allowing our patients to benefit from future therapies.