“Smart Guy” Refuses All Sobriety Tests During DUI Investigation–DUI Report


The Following Information Comes Directly from the Corresponding Police Affidavit.


David Courrege

On November 5, 2019, at approximately 3:40 a.m., an officer was flagged down by an eye witness at a local convenience store.

The witness stated that he noticed a man–later identified as David Courrege– by the gas pump involved in a verbal altercation with a woman–later identified as Olivia Rodriguez. The witness saw them both get into a black vehicle and “saw David in the driver’s seat, wrap his hand around Olivia’s hair and started to pull and push her”. The vehicle then took off going south on US 441.


Another officer noticed a vehicle mating the description and conducted an investigatory stop. Olivia stepped out of the vehicle and confirmed that they were the two subjects in the altercation at the convenience. The two were then talked to separately by the responding officers. Upon contact with David, the affiant officer noticed a strong alcoholic odor coming from the vehicle and his breath. They also noticed that David exhibited physical signs of intoxication including glossy eyes, flushed face, sweating, and had urinated on himself.

The affiant officer asked him what had happened, and he stated that he and Olivia were in an altercation. He said that they had been in Orlando and had a couple of drinks before driving and went to a couple of bars. While answering questions, David would go off course and talk about Olivia, saying that he loves her and that they’d been dating for a while. He also went on to say that Olivia hit him multiple times.

While speaking to the other officer, Olivia stated they were at City Walk in Orlando, went to a couple of bars, and have been drinking for a couple of hours. Olivia went on to say that they got into an altercation about who was going to drive home. She then refused to write a statement as well as refused to admit that David had grabbed her by the hair.

The affiant officer asked David if he would participate in exercises to determine his level of impairment, to which he agreed to at first. David was reportedly clumsy exiting his vehicle and needed assistance to the starting point of the exercises. While performing the exercises, David complained that his head hurt, and then became irate, yelling things like “I know sign language” that he wanted an ambulance. The officer called an ambulance at his request and David continued going on, saying that he was not dumb and that he was smarter than them. The officer then asked David if he would complete the exercises to which David stated he was not going to do them. Officers asked once more, and David again stated no. David was then detained and placed into a patrol vehicle.

A search was then conducted of the vehicle due to the smell of marijuana. A small tube that contained a substance that later tested positive for marijuana was located in the center console. Olivia was read her Miranda rights and she agreed to talk. She stated that the marijuana was not hers and she had no knowledge of it. The officer attempted to talk to David, however, he refused and asked for a lawyer. Due to no one admitting to the marijuana, Olivia was given a Notice to Appear for Possession of Marijuana Less Than 20 Grams.

David was placed under arrest for Driving Under the Influence, Battery (Domestic), and Possession of Marijuana Less Than 20 Grams. Due to his complaints of pain, he was transported to Advent Health for treatment. While in the hospital, he refused to provide a urine and/or blood sample. The officer read the Implied Consent Warning to David and warned him that his license would be suspended for one year if he refused. David again refused to provide the urine or blood sample and refused to sign the implied consent form.

David was then transferred to the Lake County Jail for processing and booking.