The Great Clermont Race – An Extraordinary Kind of Game


Clermont – The Great Clermont Race has announced that they are seeking teams of two that want to enter their unique race.

What is The Great Clermont Race? 

This game that has been dubbed “The Great Clermont Race” is loosely based on CBS’s “The Amazing Race” in that teams of 2 compete for prize money by traveling around the world, completing tasks.

In this localized version of the game, teams of 2 will start the race in Clermont FL and move around the city and surrounding areas completing tasks. Once the task has been completed, the team is allowed to move on to the next location. The first team to finish all of the tasks and return to the finish line will claim the $5000 cash prize.


When will it take place?

The final date of the race has not yet been announced but will be in March 2019 per their website.

How can I get involved?

Both contestant and sponsorship sign-up forms can be found on the Great Clermont Race website at