Woman Arrested for Biting an Officer After Calling 911 to Report a Homicide


On Friday, 9/13/19 at approximately 3:20 a.m., officers responded to a Clermont home in reference to a possible sexual assault and homicide called into 911.


Upon arrival, officers attempted to contact the residents via the garage entrance and were met by the defendant’s boyfriend. Officers could hear the defendant–Sharon Wilkerson–screaming about random topics in their shared bedroom, which he (the boyfriend) stated that it was typical behavior from her when she is high on crack. The boyfriend appeared dazed and looked as if he’d just woken up.

Officers then attempted to speak to Sharon about the 911 call, who then began yelling at the officers and swearing at them. The boyfriend provided a key to enter the bedroom and allowed them to enter to check on Sharon.

Upon entering the bedroom, officers found Sharon laying nude on the bed and instructed her repeatedly to put on clothes and cover herself while they spoke about the incident. Officers stepped aside to give her privacy to get dressed, however, she purposely delayed and refused to put clothing on. When asked about the reason for calling 911, she said that someone had taken her bank card, and she wanted them to look for it.

Sharon continued for several minutes while one officer tried to convince her to put her clothes on, though again refused. Finally, after getting nowhere with the investigation, the officer warned her one final time to get dressed before grabbing hold of her and pulling her off the bed, escorting her to her feet. The officer remained in control of Sharon’s left arm and the other officer kept a hold of her right arm as they attempted to place her in restraints.

She then bit down on one officer’s right hand, and the other officer’s right forearm while trying to keep them from putting her in restraints. The officers yelled for Sharon to stop biting, however, she continued and then began violently thrashing, forcing an officer to taser her. She was then detained in handcuffs with no further incident.

She was evaluated by EMS and refused care. Based on dialing 911 with no actual emergency being found, she was charged with the misuse of 911. Based on the violent resistance and the unwanted biting from her, she was charged with battery on law enforcement and resisting with violence.