Woman Arrested After Drunken Outburst at Local Restaurant


The following is told from the perspective of the officer on scene. All information regarding the incident was taken directly from the corresponding police affidavit.


Cheryl Kaczmarek
Cheryl Kaczmarek

“On January 8th, 2018 at approximately 11:53 PM, I responded to a call at 2240 E Highway 50, Carrabba’s, due to a report of an intoxicated female trying to leave in her vehicle. Upon my arrival, I spoke with the Carrabba’s employees who advised that the defendant, who appeared to me to be extremely intoxicated, had been at the restaurant since 5:00 PM this evening.”

“According to restaurant employees, the defendant had been trying to exit the restaurant when they closed, realizing that she was too intoxicated to be driving, and attempted to hold her outside of the door until a taxi could pick her up. However, the defendant continued to advance towards her vehicle, so the employees called law enforcement to stop her from driving under the influence.”


“While speaking with the defendant, it became clear that she was intoxicated, due to her inability to walk, her slurred speech, and the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from her breath. Due to this, I stood between the defendant and her vehicle in order to prevent her from driving.”

“During this encounter, the defendant was stumbling while walking and myself and the Carrabba’s employees had to hold her so she would not fall and hurt herself. The defendant also made several comments that she was able to drive well, even after drinking.”

“After much coercing, the defendant agreed to take an Uber that a Carrabba’s employee offered to pay for. Within approximately ten minutes of waiting, however, the defendant became visibly agitated stating “f*** Uber” and stood up to walk to her car and drive, unlocking her vehicle in the process.”

“Again, I stood between the defendant and the vehicle in order to prevent her from getting to it, but she tried to push past me. At this point, Clermont Officers Wegner and Gustafson proceeded to step between the defendant and her vehicle in order to prevent her from reaching it. The defendant then reached up with her left hand and put it on Officer Wegner’s shoulder in an attempt to move her out of the way. Ofc. Wegner then grabbed the defendant’s hand with her right hand and took it off her shoulder and told her not to touch her. The defendant then grabbed Ofc. Wegner’s hand and squeezed it tightly. Ofc. Wegner tried to pull her hand away from the defendant’s, but she continued to hold onto it.”

“Ofcs. Wegner and Gustafson then placed the defendant’s arms behind her back and she was put in double-locked handcuffs. The defendant was placed under arrest for Resisting an Officer Without Violence, Resisting an Officer With Violence to their Person, and Battery of a Law Enforcement Officer.”

“While placing the defendant under arrest, she continued to pull away from officers and made statements that we were “fascists” and “Nazis” for arresting her. She also made the comment while being searched that she had “lots of guns on her.” She also made a similar comment regarding carrying an AK-47 while being booked into the jail. On the way to the jail, the defendant also made several more comments in regards to her knowledge that she was intoxicated, but that she has been able to drive that way for her entire life.”

“The defendant was turned over to Lake County Jail without further incident.”