Apr 4 – The Queen’s Cartoonists


The Queen’s Cartoonists is a cool jazz ensemble that draws its repertoire from beloved, classic cartoons and animation. What’s more, the cartoons and video are projected onto a screen, providing the audience with an irresistible concert that appeals to all.

Think Miles Davis meets Bugs Bunny, Luke Skywalker and the Pink Panther.

Don’t let the cartoons mislead you. These are world-class, professional musicians whose credits include the greatest stages of the world. The Queen’s Cartoonists have played on every continent and have opened for the New York Philharmonic.

The six New York-based musicians include Joel “Sweet Sauce” Pierson, Drew “Dranka” Pitcher, Mark “Dingo” Phillips, Greg “Eggs and” Hammontree, Rossen “Chock Full” Nedelchev and Matt “4eva” Jung.


These multi-talented, musical hipsters have performed with major American orchestras as well as Ke$ha and at venues that range from Radio City Music Hall to Studio 55.

Join us for the mayhem and music.

“Who needs another Broadway show when you can hire a jazz combo playing music from Bugs Bunny cartoons?” — The Wall Street Journal