Clermont PD Nabs Drug Trafficker


On November 10, 2019, at 7:33 p.m, a Clermont Sergeant observed Neddrick Rose, who he knew to have an active writ of bodily attachment, seated in the driver’s seat of a vehicle in the parking lot of Woodspring Suites. The Sergeant was driving a marked Clermont Police Department patrol vehicle and wore an identifiable police uniform at the time of the incident. Neddrick was the only occupant of the vehicle when approached by the Sergeant. Neddrick quickly exited the vehicle and shut the door. The Sergeant called to him by name, and Neddrick denied that he was Neddrick Rose. Upon being asked for identification, Neddrick stated that it was inside the vehicle and opened the door, reaching into the vehicle. He then turned and fled the area on foot.


Neddrick Rose

The Sergeant pursued him on foot before losing sight of him and continued searching for him. He then observed Neddrick running through the parking lot of a nearby car dealership and gave out a physical description of Neddrick to responding units. Additional units, including the affiant officer, responded to the dealership to assist the Sergeant in searching for Neddrick. The affiant officer and the other responding officers located Neddrick hiding in overgrown vegetation in the rural area behind the dealership. Neddrick was then taken into custody without incident.

After securing Neddrick, a plastic bag and metal grinder with marijuana residue were located on the ground where Neddrick was hiding.


During the search for Neddrick, an officer responded to Woodspring Suites to secure the Sergeant’s patrol vehicle and to standby with Neddrick’s vehicle. The officer then advised over the radio that there was a large amount of narcotics inside the vehicle. Upon the affiant officer’s arrival to Woodspring Suites, they approached the vehicle and observed a large amount of marijuana in plain view on the passenger seat. Because of this, a thorough search was conducted. During the search, both powder cocaine and crack cocaine were located inside of the center console. Additionally, two digital scales and numerous small empty Ziploc style bags were located inside the vehicle.

The total weight of marijuana located inside of the vehicle was approximately 422 grams–including packaging. The total weight of crack cocaine located inside of the vehicle was approximately 19.6 grams–including packaging. The total amount of powder cocaine located inside of the vehicle was approximately 32.7 grams–including packaging.

The three substances were submitted to a field test by the Sergeant and all yielded presumptive positive results for the respective narcotic tested.

The affiant officer and the Sergeant made contact with the hotel staff who advised that Neddrick had been residing at the hotel since September 2019. Neddrick’s warrant was confirmed by Lake County dispatch and Neddrick was transported to the Lake County Jail without further incident.