Clermont Woman Arrested for Grand Theft


On May 7 Officer Rappoport was on patrol when he received a call from the loss prevention officer, Phil Richert, at Target in Clermont. Richert stated that he was observing a suspicious woman that had stolen items in the past.


As Officers were in route, Richert stated that he observed a woman place several items including a Kitchen Aid mixer and other small appliances into her shopping cart.

Richert stated that the woman then went to the electronics section of the store and placed several Amazon Fire-sticks into her shopping cart.

As officers were pulling up to the scene, Richert told the officer over the phone that the woman was leaving the electronics area and was heading toward the exit.

After passing all point of sale checkpoints, Officers detained and later arrested, Tammy Watson, of Clermont on charges of grand theft. The contents of her shopping cart totaled to $1,106.27

Ms. Watson has been arrested multiple times for similar incidences according to the LCSO records.