Elevate Lake, Lake County Workforce Taskforce and Lake County GIS Launch Online Skills Finderinder


The Lake County Skills Finder is an interactive online tool showcasing the educational programs within the Lake County School District, Lake Technical College, and Lake Sumter State College, with a focus on Career-Technical Education (CTE).


The Lake County Skills Finder provides parents, students and businesses direct access to the variety of CTE pathways preparing the skilled employees needed in today’s job market. Through an easy to navigate online application students and parents can research available programs in their community. Additionally, businesses can identify opportunities to engage with educators and students as they work together to build the workforce needed now and in the future.

“We are pleased to have collaborated with the Lake County GIS staff and Workforce Taskforce members in the creation of the Skills Finder,” said Executive Director Brandon Matulka with Lake County’s Agency for Economic Prosperity. “This dynamic tool featuring more than 15 CTE skills-building learning tracks, has been designed for local as well as out-of-county businesses. The Skills Finder provides a platform to reach businesses at a local, regional and national level, showcasing that Lake County has the workforce needed to be successful.”


CTE promotes academic advancement at 18 Lake County middle and high schools by providing job training and employability skills. Nearly 12,000 students were enrolled in CTE programs last year, and more than a quarter of those students earned industry certifications through the program.

To access the Skills Finder, visit https://bit.ly/2N7oqI3, or for more information on Lake County’s economic development initiatives, visit www.ElevateLake.com and follow @ElevateLakeFL on Facebook.