Fighting at Pig on the Pond Results in Three Arrests


There was a buzz on local social media pages late Saturday night and on Sunday about an alleged fight that had erupted at the Pig on the Pond event. As far as we know, no video of the incident has surfaced. At that point, there was very little to go by. It was also stated that during the altercation, one of the people fighting struck a police officer.


We reached out to local law enforcement to see if there was any validity to the claim.

Capt. McMaster with the Clermont Police Dept said, “There were a couple of fights that broke out Saturday night at Pig on the Pond, and a total of 3 arrests were made. While the fights themselves weren’t big, the crowd that formed around them was.”


“After the last fight, the decision was made to shut down the carnival area of Pig on the Pond. The fireworks had already gone off and it was around 9:35-9:40, so close to closing time anyway. LCSO’s mounted unit was instrumental in getting the crowd moving and everyone exited rather peacefully.”

“As far as an officer assaulted, I would hesitate to call it an assault. While investigating the second fight, a female juvenile forced her way through officers trying to get at a third person. She was arrested and charged with resisting an officer. There were no reported injuries during these altercations.”

The three people arrested were all juveniles and their names have not been released to us by the Clermont PD.