Woman Calls 911 Demanding a Ride from Police, Ends Up with a Ride to Jail


The following is told from the perspective of the responding officer. All information is from the corresponding police affidavit.


“On March 9th, 2019 at approximately 0215 hours while on routine patrol at the intersection of SR 50 and Handcock Rd, Clermont FL, I overheard loud screaming from what sounded like a female voice, I quickly looked around the area due to concerns for the femailed and observed a black female, later identified as Valencia Desir, screaming hysterically, and waving her arms in the air at cars passing by. Ofc. L. Biggs #234 responded as backup, I made contact with the female and she continued to scream, telling me she got into a fight with her friend after leaving a party, and that her friend left her there without a ride.  I could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from Valencia as she spoke. I asked Valencia if she had been drinking alcohol tonight, and she advised that she had been drinking.”



“Valencia asked if we could drive her to Orlando. I advised Valencia we would not be driving her to Orlando, but she could try to call for a ride on her phone. Valencia advised her phone was dead and she couldn’t. I advised Valencia to walk to the McDonald’s nearby and charge her phone and call a friend to pick her up. Valencia insisted she was going to call the Police to give her a ride. Both myself and Ofc. Biggs advised her to not call 911, and that we are the Police and we are telling her we will not be giving her a ride. Both myself and Ofc. Biggs were clearly seen by Valencia wearing full Clermont Police Department class B uniforms and our patrol vehicles were clearly displayed as well. Valencia again insisted she was going to call Police for a ride. Once again, we advised her to not attempt to call the Police for this matter, and to attempt to make contact with family or friends for a ride home. Finally, Valencia agreed and began walking to McDonald’s.”




“On March 9th, 2019 at approximately 0248 hours I was dispatched to McDonald’s located at 2640 E. Highway 50 due to Valencia calling 911 in reference to needing a ride from the Police. The dispatcher advised Valencia that without an emergency, Police would not be responding to give her a ride. Valencia began arguing and yelling at the dispatcher, causing a scene inside the McDonald’s business.”


“The dispatcher discontinued the call with Valencia, after explaining it was not a Police matter. Valencia then called again into 911, advising she needed Police to give her a ride to Orlando.”


“Upon arrival to McDonald’s I escorted Valencia outside of the business as to not further cause a scene in front of the employees and customers. I explained to Valencia that she was instructed multiple times to not call 911 in reference to us giving her a ride, and she began yelling at me that she did everything I told her.”


“Valencia was arrested for the above charges.” (Misuse of 911 and Disorderly Intoxication)


“Valencia was transported and turned over to the Lake County Jail.”