Naked Man Arrested After Attacking a Fruitland Park Police Officer


The following is told from the perspective of the officer on scene. All information is from the related affidavit.


“On Monday, December 31st, 2018 at approximately 12:02 PM I was dispatched and responded to the area of U.S. Highway 27-441 & Shadow Hill Drive in reference to multiple 9-1-1 calls regarding a nude black male walking northbound on U.S. 27. ”

David Steele
David Steele

“Upon my arrival, I observed said black male continuing to walk northbound. I identified myself and asked him to stop walking to which he refused. I gave him another loud verbal command to stop at which point he stated: “This is my world” and clenched his right hand and brought it upwards as if he were going to punch me.”


“He appeared to be in distress and upset and had white foam gathered around his lips. At this time I wasn’t sure if he was under the influence of narcotics or possibly overly intoxicated. He then began walking again.”

“I instructed him to step off the roadway, get into the grass and lay flat on the ground to which he refused to do. I continued walking alongside him giving him loud verbal commands, which he would not comply with. He was then tased.”

“After the five-second cycle, he got back up to which I began to tase him again for a couple of seconds. He then ripped the taser probes out, started yelling and screaming, and began clenching his fists and smacking them against his chest.”

“Due to his body language and his outbursts, I began to step back towards my patrol car and he continued to follow me. He then attempted to punch me with his right hand, which was blocked. I created distance in between us until he turned his back and I tackled him to the ground and with the assistance of a responding officer was able to get him secured.”

“A search of his person for any weapons or illegal contraband was not conducted due to him being nude.”

“He was placed in the back of a marked patrol car where Officer Ricketts was able to identify him as David Mikell Steele. Mr. Steele revealed that he had an active Lake County writ of bodily attachment for child support with a purge amount of $1,070. Lake County Communications Center confirmed that the writ was still active.”

“While still on scene, Lake E.M.S. responded to the scene and medically cleared Mr. Steele for transportation to the Lake County Detention Center. Mr. Steel was placed in the back of my marked patrol car and transported to the Lake County Detention Center where he was turned over to Lake County Correction Deputies without any further incident.”