Umatilla Woman Arrested For Dumping Helpless Pup

Anna Kist

On the morning of October 30th LCSO Captain Todd Luce saw a tan vehicle pull off of South Bay Street in Eustis near West Badger, and put this pup out of the vehicle. The car then immediately drove off and the dog began to chase the car in busy traffic. Captain Luce added that several vehicles had to swerve to miss striking the animal. Captain Luce pulled the vehicle over and found 18 year old Anna Kist (Umatilla) as the driver and no other passengers.


After retrieving the dog from traffic, Ms. Kist was interviewed and advised of her rights. Ms. Kist said her sister no longer could care for the animal and this was her way of getting rid of it (not a quote). Captain Luce also stated that the whole situation seemed to be amusing to Ms. Kist even when she was told the animal was almost struck by vehicles.

Deputies and LCSO Animal Enforcement Officers responded and noted that the animal was severely malnourished but in good spirits (as seen in the pictures).


Ms. Kist was arrested and charged with animal abandonment and has since been released on a $1,000 bond and the dog was released to Lake County Animal Services.

It should be noted that this situation is EASILY avoided. That is what the Lake County Animal Shelter is here for.