Lake County Introduces One Stop Permitting


Lake County Development Services is pleased to offer One Stop Permitting, a new and improved workflow that streamlines the services of Lake County’s Office of Building Services and the Office of Planning and Zoning. One Stop Permitting implements increased staff training, phone support and software upgrades to provide an optimal customer experience to serve the nearly 14,000 walk-in customers and answer the 50,000 phone calls these offices receive annually.


“One Stop Permitting streamlines services by improving the clarity of documents and creating an enhanced customer meeting area that allows residents to conduct business in a comfortable, spacious and professional environment,” said Tony Lopresto, Director of the Office of Building Services.

Once customers arrive on the fifth floor of the Lake County Administration building, they’ll be greeted by the receptionist who will guide them in the proper direction. Customers seeking an over-the-counter permit or in need of assistance will be directed to the one stop permitting area, where a dedicated member of staff will guide them through the permitting process.


Additionally, the Office of Building Services has provided iPhones to all field inspectors and investigation staff, improving communication with contractors and other County departments. Field inspectors will also receive upgraded iPads with air-cards for better connectivity when sending photos and paperwork from the field. Plans Examiners are also now able to complete electronic plan review more efficiently by utilizing dual high-resolution monitors.

“It’s so much better, so much more streamlined, that’s a big plus,” said customer Douglas Trask.

Before implementing One Stop Permitting, customers went to several offices to complete one task – the enhanced workflow puts the customer service experience at the forefront ensuring that customers are easily guided through the permitting process in the most efficient way possible.