Man Leads Officers on High-Speed Chase Through Villages Golf Course


The following is told from the perspective of the responding officer. All information is from the corresponding police affidavit.


Jessie Webb
Jessie Webb

“On February 10, 2019, at approximately 9:25 a.m. I responded to the gatehouse at W Boone Ct and Paradise Dr. in reference to a male defendant who stated people were “eating his brains out” and EMS was requesting law enforcement.”

“When I arrived on scene, I made contact with the complainant, who advised that the defendant had run off and taken the keys to his work-issued vehicle. The complainant advised the defendant took off east on W Boone Ct. As additional officers arrived on scene and conducted a search for the vehicle, I continued to stay with the complainant and gather additional information.”


“Detective Purdue and Cpl. Reyes arrived on scene and located the defendant in the truck near the 1800 block of W Schwartz Blvd. Det. Purdue attempted to conduct a traffic stop but the vehicle failed to stop. Cpl. Reyes, who was in his marked patrol car, also activated his emergency lights and siren and attempted to stop the vehicle. The vehicle again failed to stop and sped off at speeds unsafe for the roadway, which had a lot of pedestrian traffic.”

“The vehicle continued to elude officers and drove onto and through occupied golf courses. A female victim who was on the course observed the stolen vehicle coming “right at her”. The victim stated she was afraid for her life. She then stated she had to move to avoid getting hit and after the vehicle passed her. The vehicle continued to flee from officers in the area of Water Tower Circle.”

“When the officers were coming towards Water Tower Cr., I moved from my location towards the intersection of Magnolia Ave and Water Tower Cr. to deploy stop sticks. The vehicle then made a left turn, driving the wrong way, against traffic on the roadway. I observed Det. Perdue, Cpl. Reyes and Ofc. Sanford all in pursuit. The vehicle continued to drive off the roadways and onto occupied golf courses.”

“The vehicle then exited out The Villages and onto US 27-441, continuing to flee from officers at high rates of speed. The defendant finally crashed at Freedom Pointe, and then exited the vehicle before running on foot. Sanford and Reyes then pursued the defendant on foot, before taking the defendant into custody. A manager of The Villages estimated the damages to the golf courses at approximately $70,000.”

“Upon searching the suspect before placing him the rear of my patrol car, I discovered a round of rifle ammunition. A further search also yielded a shotgun shell. The defendant was identified by his name, date of birth and social security number.”

“EMS arrived on scene and transported the defendant to Leesburg Regional Hospital where he was treated for a complaint of pain in his right calf. After the defendant was cleared, I attempted to escort him to my patrol car. The defendant began to resist and attempted to pull away as though he was going to run. The suspect then grabbed the handle/grip of my Taser with his left hand, which was handcuffed behind his back. After the defendant was further restrained he was escorted to my patrol car and transported to Lake County Jail. “